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22 financial services firms that will hire you in the second quarter

We're moving into the second quarter. Needless to say, this is the time of year when people in banking traditionally swap jobs after being paid a bonus. If you're in this situation, or if you want to move to a new job after being paid no bonus at all, you may be interested in the list below. This contains all the firms which have declared (or occasionally indicated) a propensity to hire between now and June.

1. Coming jobs at Bluecrest Capital:

Who's Bluecrest hiring? Bluecrest never discusses its hiring plans. However, based upon past performance it will almost certainly be poaching traders from investment banks. UBS has been a recent favourite.

2. Coming jobs at BNP Paribas CIB:

Who's BNP hiring? BNP Paribas says it wants to hire in Asia and North America. In particular, it wants to bolster its high yield team and “develop business with large corporates and institutional clients".

3. Coming jobs at BTG Pactual:

Who's BTG hiring? BTG is on a big build of its commodities trading business. It wants to hire 100 commodities professionals in London.

4. Coming jobs at Canada Pension Plan Investment Board:

Who's CPPIB hiring? It says it wants to hire four or five people to build a long-short portfolio.

5. Coming finance jobs at Cantor Fitzgerald:

Who's Cantor hiring? Cantor says it wants to build its asset and wealth management business, seemingly with a focus on the US.

6. Coming jobs at Centerbridge Parners:

Who's Centerbridge hiring? We haven't had this confirmed, but Centerbridge is said to be hiring junior bankers with distressed debt experience.

7. Coming jobs at Citigroup:

Who's Citigroup hiring? Citi may need to hire for its London-based equity research team, which has been leaking staff. It's said to be recruiting for its London-based IBD operation.  Citi is also expected to do some compliance and control hiring, having boosted its compliance and control spending by $200m-$300m this year.

8. Coming jobs at Deutsche Bank:

Who's Deutsche Bank hiring? Deutsche is hiring for its US fixed income business. It's also selectively recruiting senior investment bankers in Asia. 

9. Coming jobs at the European Central Bank:

Who's the ECB hiring? The ECB is still hiring a crazy number (1,000) of new regulatory staff. 75% of them will focus on bank supervision. 

10. Coming jobs at Goldman Sachs:

Who's Goldman Sachs hiring? Goldman Sachs hasn't explicitly committed to hiring anyone in the front office. It's trying to hike its return on equity and is focused on keeping costs down. However, it told us it's hiring strategically for its office in Salt Lake City, where it has 1,800 employees.  There may be some rather more dramatic growth at Goldman in Bangalore, where the firm has space for 10,000 employees.

11. Coming banking jobs at Jefferies:

Who's Jefferies hiring? The Wall Street Journal reports that Jefferies will be hiring investment bankers for South East Asia.

12. Coming jobs at Lazarus Partnership:

Who's Lazarus hiring? Lazarus is a new London-based equity research boutique set up by the former chief executive of Oriel Securities. It's hiring equity researchers.

13. Coming banking jobs at Lloyds Commercial Bank:

Who's Lloyds Commercial Bank hiring? Lloyds insists that it's not really adding people in its investment bank (and is losing staff as fast as it's adding them). However, it seems to be busy recruiting for its London-based debt capital markets business.

14. Coming banking jobs at JPMorgan:

Who's JPMorgan hiring? JPMorgan wants to build its cash equities business.  It's already hiring equity researchers. Electronic trading talent is also likely to on its shopping list. The US bank is also hiring 100 technologists in Singapore.

15. Coming jobs at Man Group/GLG:

Who's Man hiring? Man Group wants to hire for GLG, its discretionary hedge fund. When it released its results last week, Man said GLG would be adding, "high calibre investment talent” during 2014.

16. Coming jobs at Millennium Capital Partners:

Who's Millennium hiring? Millennium doesn't speak about its hiring plans. However, it likes to hire proprietary traders from investment banks. See Bluecrest Capital, which has similar wants.

17. Coming banking jobs at Nomura:

Who's Nomura hiring? We don't know for sure, but it seems likely that Nomura will continue to opportunistically build its sales and trading business with disgruntled staff from other firms (RBS especially). It's just hired Rob Maher from Credit Suisse to head its electronic execution business. Maher is likely to bring ex-CS colleagues across. Nomura is also said to be hiring for its UK investment banking team. 

18. Coming jobs at the Norwegian Oil Fund: 

Who's the Norwegian Oil Fund hiring in Q2? The fund says it wants to hire another 20 sector-specific portfolio managers for its equities team.

19. Coming jobs at Pamplona Capital Management:

Who's Pamplona hiring? Not too many people, we suspect. However, it's poached a senior Citigroup energy banker and appears to be expanding in London.

20. Coming banking jobs at SocGen CIB:

Who's SocGen hiring? SocGen will be hiring for DCM in Asia and for its energy and natural resources business in South East Asia. The French bank is also looking to build its fixed income sales and trading business, for which it reportedly wants to 150 people in the US and Asia. 

21. Coming jobs at UBS:

Who's UBS hiring? UBS is mostly hiring senior M&A bankers. It wants to recruit 24 of them over the next two years. It's also expressed an interest in expanding its US equities business.

22. Coming jobs at Wells Fargo Securities:

Who's Wells hiring? Wells Fargo has long been building its European investment banking business. It's currently hiring in both high yield and M&A.

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AUTHORSarah Butcher Global Editor

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The essential daily roundup of news and analysis read by everyone from senior bankers and traders to new recruits.