Two real-life examples of what to expect in a Goldman Sachs case study interview

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Want to work for Goldman Sachs? Wondering what you'll encounter in your entry-level interview? We have a selection of Goldman Sachs' graduate interview questions, here, here, and here.

However, if you've made it through to the final round and are participating in a Goldman Sachs assessment centre or 'Superday', you can expect something altogether more complex. At this stage, you'll probably encounter a case study based upon a real-life business situation. You'll typically be expected to discuss this case study in a small team with other applicants, and to make a presentation based upon your findings.

It's come to our attention that some of these Goldman case studies are buried on the web, after being uploaded by students at the University of Berkeley who participated in the university's case study competition.

The material is protected, so we can't display it ourselves, but you can access it if you click the links below.

Goldman Sachs' eBay Investment Banking Case Study (2011)

Goldman Sachs' SolarCity Investment Banking Case Study (2013) 


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