The Fed is hiring: provided you've got the muscles

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Fancy rubbing shoulders with Janet Yellen? Enjoy working alongside shiny things? Have a very strong back and keen sense of coordination? In which case, you could be considered for the latest opening at the Federal Reserve.

The Fed is currently hiring for a gold vault custody analyst for its financial services group in New York. Among the many requirements for the job, which include an undergraduate degree and strong computer skills, is the ability to able to “physically lift valuables” of up to 50lbs (22.6kg). It also asks for “strong coordination skills”, suggesting that the job involves both physical and mental prowess.

Fundamentally, the job will involve the safe-keeping of the gold entrusted to the Fed by the U.S. government. It’s the world’s largest supply of gold - and this job is to ensure that it stays that way. The gold vault custody analyst involves accounting for all the gold and making sure that it’s displayed in a way that will keep the 25,000 members of the public (and foreign dignitaries, VIPs and bank officers) visiting the vault each year in awe of its splendour.

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Essentially the job is an administrative function, with some basic accounting and record-keeping skills thrown in, but the fact that you’ll also have to lift the gold itself means that you also have to be prepared to get physical. It offers a “competitive salary”, and presumably a free gym membership to ensure the right candidate can continue to lift those 50lb weights.

You can find the job here.

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