The best universities for attracting the interest of investment banks, fund managers and accounting firms

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If you’re a student looking for a job in the front office of an investment bank, they may consider you if you’re an arts student at a highly-ranked university, but the chances are you will have studied, maths, economics, physics or another quantitative subject. Even here, however, banks will deliberately cherry-pick from those universities which regularly top the rankings.

Research firm QS has just released a list of the World University Rankings. We’ve pulled out the lists for the subjects that are most likely to get you on the radar of investment banks, fund managers and professional services firms.

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Harvard is the university that regularly tops the tables, along with other predictable entries like MIT, Stanford, Cambridge, Oxford, London Business School and LSE. However, it’s also worth pointing out some less well-known colleges, such as the dominance of Australian universities like the University of Melbourne for accounting and finance, or the Swiss Federal Institute of technology for mathematics.

If you’re at a UK or U.S university in the top 50, expect to see investment banks on campus in the next few months.


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