Four easy technological tricks to make your resume stand out

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While the content of your resume is always the most critical, there are a few small tricks you can use to better differentiate yourself and avoid confusion.  These tips, courtesy of the Addison Group’s Thomas Moran, can also help make you appear more technological savvy, even if you may not be.

Use a PDF: When submitting a resume through email to a hiring manager, Moran suggests formatting the document as a PDF rather than a Word attachment. The reason is simple: a PDF resume will always look the way you intended it to. Word documents, on the other hand, can change formatting if the reader owns a different version of the software.

However, when submitting your resume to human resources or through an online portal, use Word, Moran said. Automated systems used by HR can’t scan static PDFs.

Name your attachment: It sounds like a small thing – and I’ve personally never thought of it, frankly – but remember that the receiver of resume can read the name of the attachment. Rather than naming it “myresume,” or something worse, try renaming it after the job or the firm you are applying to.

Hyperlink: This may be a faux pas for  front office banking roles, but for some back office positions – like in technology – it may help to hyperlink to your social media profiles or your blog. Research has shown that hiring managers respond better when they can put a face to a name, and you certainly aren’t going to attach your photo to your resume.

Be consistent across platforms: If you tweak your resume, make sure to make the same changes within your social media profile, Moran suggests. It eliminates the possibility of discrepancies.

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