Career Crunch: The low-down on investment banking bonuses, how to get jobs outside your comfort zone

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New reality for banking pay

Missed out on the latest news and advice that could positively impact your career? Take a moment to catch up on the top eFC stories from the last seven days.

Five things I learned from my 18 months as an investment banker

One former investment banking analyst who quit after 18 months gives an honest appraisal of what it’s like to work in the sector.

Dissecting pay at Barclays, BAML, CS, Citi, Deutsche, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and UBS

The state of pay at the large investment banks following the end of their reporting season – not everyone is miffed about this year’s bonus payments.

Six tips on how to get finance jobs you may not be entirely suitable for

Employers are being urged to be more flexible with who they take on – here’s how to present yourself in a way that will increase your chances of success for jobs outside your comfort zone.

Why Canary Wharf will never flood – it’s not what you think

With storms battering much of the UK, employees in Canary Wharf can rest easy – you are safe, as long as you never leave the office.

The ultimate investment banking resume cheat sheet

Avoid cliché and repetition by using these action words to boost your CV.

Six unusual and interesting jobs available to investment bankers right now

Not all jobs in investment banking currently are straightforward – here are six for the daring and highly-qualified.

How to get a job in banking when you’ve only worked as a barista

No relevant investment banking experience and applying for a graduate role? Spin your CV so you can demonstrate the qualities banks are looking for.

The one sentence that makes recruiters think you’re overly desperate

Avoid these terms unless you want recruiters to believe you’re needy and therefore less employable.

Upset as 40-something bankers find themselves unable to retire

“We see bankers who are 41 or 42 now and have missed out on what should have been their most significant years of earnings after the financial crisis.”

The overlooked front-office Asian banking job with strong hiring and 20% salary spikes

Relationships are key in the Asian banking sector and banks are willing to pay to secure the right talent.

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