Career crunch: People to target at the major banks, how to stand out from the crowd

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100 names you need to know if you want a job at Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, or JPMorgan

These are the important investment bankers who could decide whether to hire you or not.

How Anton Casey is making life tough for arrogant expat bankers in Singapore

Expats in Singapore are having a hard enough time without an arrogant foreigner confirming stereotypes.

Seven rules of engaging in bold job search techniques

You may be able to stand out from the crowd by taking a chance, but follow these rules to avoid looking stupid.

Three clues as to the 400 investment bankers who will be laid off at Barclays soon

Barclays is continuing to fire investment bankers, but where will the axe fall?

Seven competitions that will help get you a job in banking and finance

Finance-related competitions are the new way to stand out from the crowd when it comes to getting a break in the sector.

The ridiculously formal way MBAs learn the casual art of conversation

MBAs need a method for everything including making the most of small talk.

Oxbridge, economics and a private education: What you really need to get in and succeed in the UK financial services industry

Statistical evidence that finance is a very elitist industry to enter if you’re from the UK.

The Hong Kong banks that are hiring now

Which institutions are talking up expansion in Hong Kong for 2014?

The six trickiest interview questions and how to answer them

Some interview questions appear simple, but can trip you up in your job search.

Frustration over lack of a work/life policy boiling over at Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank appears to be one of the only major investment banks still yet to address the workloads of its junior employees.

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