Career Crunch: Big post-bonus job moves expected, why you can never really stop working

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Front office hiring surging as banks interview ahead of expected bonus resignations

Investment banks are expecting an exodus of employees as soon as bonuses hit their bank account.

Why investment bankers never really retire

Even if you leave the industry with millions, it’s very difficult simply to kick-back.

Can you conquer the hardest strategy questions asked in finance interviews?

The most difficult part of any consulting interview is answering the types of questions that require you to think on your feet.

Barclays is losing senior fixed income sales staff three days before bonuses

Barclays has been slashing bonuses for its fixed income sales staff, which might explain why senior people are leaving before they’ve been paid out.

Two real-life examples of what to expect in a Goldman Sachs case study interview

Navigating your way through a group exercise in an investment banking super-day is tough, here are some examples of what to expect.

Goldman’s head of EuroGovernments bond trading thought to quit for high paying hedge fund (in deluxe premises)

From Goldman’s offices in Peterborough Court to a stately home in the commuter belt.

Eight skills that will get you hired in the Middle East financial sector today

Employers in the Gulf are hiring again, but it’s not in the glamour areas of financial services.

Weighing up whether to join SocGen’s growing fixed income business

SocGen is one of the few banks hiring for its fixed income business, but this is not necessarily a reason to join.

UBS first to increase pay, and other learnings from the Swiss bank’s results

UBS’s investment bank has seen a massive increase in revenues since 2012, and has actually bolstered its bonus pool.

When accountants get duped into becoming ‘bankers,’ or not

Banks are luring accountants in with the promise of exciting roles and higher pay. Is this really the case?