Career Crunch: Avoid corporate flannel speak, five top interview techniques

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Here’s a bite-sized refresher of the top ten articles on eFinancialCareers’ global network over the past seven days.

The 15 most hated office clichés in all of financial services

Touching base for a deep dive and other corporate guff speak prevalent in financial services.

The five questions that will convert your banking interview into a job offer

At the end of an interview, ensure you’re armed with questions that will impress a potential employer.

10 wonderful resume words that will dazzle banking recruiters in Asia

Language skills and an elite education are just some of the ways you can get the attention of recruiters in Asia.

Seven tips for staying sane in a job that drives you crazy

Burnout among bankers is all too common – what if you’re in danger of hitting rock bottom but can’t quit the day job?

Another tragic suicide from JPMorgan’s roof? Cue the conspiracy theories

Another tragic, isolated incident has led many to suggest a pattern among investment bankers.

Eight people you should know if you’re looking for a financial services job in the Gulf

The Middle East job market is heating up again, here are people you should contact if you’re looking to make a move.

Six new financial services firms that could provide career opportunities

Some firms are starting out in London – they’re likely to be expanding and could provide some new avenues for your career.

UBS loses another hedge fund trader to Bluecrest

Bluecrest is the hedge fund that keeps hiring, and has taken a third trader from UBS’s hedge fund in the last six months.

Twenty proven exit strategies from a career in an investment bank

Investment banking careers may be unsteady, but they can open doors to a lot of new areas.

VIDEO: How bankers are taking advantage of the foodie revolution

The food industry is providing lucrative opportunities for former financiers keen to follow their passion.

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