Four tables that explain the state of investment banking graduate recruitment in the UK

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Want a graduate job in an investment bank? The tables below give you an idea of the state of the UK graduate employment market for would-be investment bankers.

There were 2,137 graduates recruited into entry-level investment banking jobs in the UK last year according to the latest report from graduate research company High Fliers.  In 2014, investment banks expect to hire 2,383 students into all roles (front, back and middle office) in the UK. That's more than 2013, but a lot less than in 2007.

Although they're keeping pay stable, investment banks are still the most generous employers at graduate level. That may help explain why - despite careers services saying that graduates' interest in the industry is waning, applications to banks for 2014 are up 12% year-on-year.

High fliers 2014

High fliers change since 2007

High fliers salaries 2014

High fliers interest


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