What makes Nugget Market a better place to work than Goldman Sachs?

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Are you thinking of working for Goldman Sachs, which paid its average employee $384k last year and has employed the former designer of Disney theme parks as its real estate manager?

Don't bother. People are far happier over at Nugget Market, a California-based supermarket chain purveying healthy foods (not actually nuggets as per the picture).

In fact, it's not just Nugget Market where people are happier than at Goldman: the firm ranked 45th in Fortune's new list of Best Companies to Work For.  Admittedly, this was an achievement compared to last year when Goldman ranked 93rd, but back in 2008 and 2009 it ranked 9th. Then, only 8 places were better to work for than Goldman. Now, 44 are.

So what does Nugget Market have going for it that Goldman Sachs doesn't? Not the pay, we suspect - although 93% of Nugget Market employees say the company offers 'great rewards' Maybe its popularity has something to do with the Gangnam Style dance offs, or management meetings held in wrestling rings?

Goldman's perks look paltry by comparison: the bank has some sort of floating spiral staircase, a few dragon boats, a dermatologist and special 'internal-facing offices' for managing directors.