Career Crunch: Bonus predictions for 2013, how to set yourself apart from the competiton

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Pay predictions for 2013 at Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche, UBS, Credit Suisse and RBS

Want to know what to expect for your bonus this year? Here are our musings for 2013.

‘My 7 is your 9 bro’ and the other most arrogant tweets from Goldman’s inside man

Goldman Sachs’ most popular Tweeting (anonymous) employee is about to go public. Here’s a reminder of what he’s done for investment bankers’ image everywhere.

Looking for a new finance job in London or on Wall Street? Here’s who you’re up against

These are the most prolific skill-sets among financial services professionals in London and New York. Can you compete?

Where it’s possible to earn six-figure salaries in non-exciting finance jobs

The middle and back office often don’t provide large salaries, but pay is heading up and some roles pay six figures.

Academic study uncovers ageing hedge fund traders’ pursuit of ‘warrior physique’

Hedge fund managers on the wrong side of 40 spend most evenings in the gym to ensure a pumped and tone body.

Seven important things that JPMorgan’s results tell you about the banking job market

JPMorgan kicked off the U.S. banks reporting season. Here’s what you need to know about prospects for pay and jobs in the sector.

Real-life interview questions asked by asset managers

These are the questions any aspiring MBA looking to break into fund management will be asked.

Ranking the most overpaid and underpaid jobs in investment banking

Are you happily earning the big bucks with minimal effort, or slogging away in a highly skilled job with little reward?

JPMorgan and BAML only hire gladiatorial juniors who can handle crazy hours

Those being offered the junior jobs in investment banks are those who will willingly work long hours with little or no complaint.

The crush to get out of investment banking and into private equity

Investment banks are increasingly merely training grounds for those who wish to make the switch into private equity.

Banish feelings of inadequacy: How to make it as a big shot before 30

Nevermind those who have achieved more before they turn 30 than most of us manage in a lifetime. Here’s how to emulate their success.

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