Credit Suisse boasts an HR professional who can spin on one hand whilst removing his clothes

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What's the most special skill possessed by persons working in banking? Is it an ability to complete multiple triathlons? No. Is it an ability to rap professionally? No.

It is the ability to simultaneously undress whilst spinning on one hand.

Such is the pride that Credit Suisse has in the special talent of its employee relations professional Michael Tshiyoyo, that the Swiss bank has published a whole article about him in its monthly magazine.

Outside work, Tshiyoyo is best known for his 'power move' says Credit Suisse. He spins in a circle, 'while balancing on one hand, with the body low and horizontal to the ground..[and]... seamlessly takes off his shirt and pants while spinning.'

We assume this is the U.S. meaning of 'pants'.

Tshiyoyo may sound like a sort of reverse-Wonder Woman, but he is actually just a breakdancer. He's also a worldclass video games player. Sometimes he can't resist pulling some power moves. "Sometimes something just comes over me," Tshiyoyo says. "And I have to dance. It doesn't matter if I'm crossing the Golden Gate Bridge or walking down Hollywood Boulevard." Or working for Credit Suisse in employee relations?

You can see Tshiyoyo spinning (impressively) and undressing if you click here. 


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