12 people with names that sound ridiculously well-suited to banking

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You want to work in investment banking? Fine, but does your name sound ideally suited to finance? Will people hear your handle and think – like when Homer Simpson rebranded to Max Power after reading the front of a washing machine – this person is the sort of dynamic individual I want to manage my business?

Probably not, if you’re an average Joe Smith, but the people in the list below do sound like kind of a big deal. They sound important. They probably own leather-bound books. And what’s more, they actually work in the financial sector.

1. Brian Spendlove, fixed income trader, Citi

2. Andrea Ferrari, Morgan Stanley

3. Jonathan Wolff, M&A, Goldman Sachs

4. Robert Pitcher, head of EMEA equity exotic derivatives at Citi

5. Justin Excell, head of internal investments, Swiss Re

6. Gavin Tradelius, CEO Generali Worldwide until last year

7. James Deal, sales at JPMorgan

8. Stuart Cash, head of European corporate pension advisory business, Goldman Sachs

9. Clive Bull, director, global commercial real estate, Deutsche Bank

10. Estelle Merger-Lewis, formerly of Ixis Corporate and Investment bank. Left the FSA register in 2006 never to return.

11. Cameron Hedger, managing director fund-linked products, Credit Suisse

12. Jonathan Spread, portfolio manager, Mondrian Investment Partners

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