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Career Crunch: Poor young investment bankers on £50k, the MBA to take to advance your finance career

If you’ve not visited eFinancialCareers this week, you’ve missed out on all the news and advice related to the financial sector job market. Here’s an update on our top stories over the last seven days.

Ex-Goldman trader runs calculations, says young bankers now living hand-to-mouth

As a junior analyst you take home $18 an hour and have a 20% chance of progressing to the next level.

The top 50 MBAs for a career in finance

Thinking of taking an MBA to advance your finance career? Study at one of these schools.

Ex-special forces soldiers found to make excellent hedge fund managers. Here’s why

Special forces soldiers are trained to think clearly under pressure and manage risks. This makes them great traders.

Where banks are planning to double or triple headcount in 2014

Banks are falling over themselves to move into the new financial freezone in Shanghai.

Only brilliant, super-smart individuals will be bankers in future. And they’ll be paid less

Banking is no longer about getting bums on seats and paying them disproportionately high salaries. Investment banks want elite graduates, and they’ll drive down remuneration, says one ex-senior investment banker.

Private equity firms still intend to increase pay: Here’s what you can earn in the US, Europe and Asia-Pac

The U.S. still dominates when it comes to private equity pay, but firms every region have indicated that they will continue to increase salaries.

Working hours: Has Bank of America turned into Goldman Sachs?

The death of BAML intern Moritz Erhardt has shone a light into the tough working conditions for juniors at the bank. Is this the influence of Goldman Sachs alumnus.

How to make an investment bank chase you

If you didn’t want to work for an investment bank, but an investment bank really wanted you, what would you demand?

Some deep thoughts for Thanksgiving from a $2m ex-Morgan Stanley salesman who lost everything

Meet the hedge fund trader who went from earning millions to losing it all and seeking help for alcoholism.

Seven finance firms looking to expand in the MENA region

Looking for a job in the Middle East? These firms are worth applying to.

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