These are the sports that will make you rich and employable, by age and sex

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Sport is good for you. It has cardiovascular benefits. It has aesthetic benefits. It gets you out. It also makes you more employable and more wealthy than if you sit about staring at a screen.

For maximum financial and employability upside, however, you need to adapt the sport you pursue according to your stage of life. Research from the University of St. Gallen shows that some forms of exercise are associated with higher incomes and lower unemployment than other forms of exercise according to your age and sex.

We've added the full table showing their conclusions below. Briefly, if you play no sports at all you will be less employable than if you play some sort of sport, but you will not necessarily earn that much money (if you're a man). If you're a woman aged 26-45 you need to be engaged in racquet sports to maximise your income. If you're a woman aged 45+ you need to be outdoors.

If you're a man of any age, outdoor activities will maximise your earning potential. What are these outdoor activities? The researchers say they include anything from motor sports (cars or bikes) to winter sports (skiing and bobsleighing), water sports (canoeing) or playing golf.

As we have noted before, banks also like to employ anyone who's been within a sniff of the Olympics. 

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