Man writes outrageous book about scandalous banker lifestyles, remains unexpectedly employable in finance

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It's come to our attention that Jihan Bowes-Little isn't the only man to have tried leaving banking for an alternative, more creative career, before slinking back again.

As we reported earlier today, Bowes-Little left Goldman for LA in 2009, to make a career in hip hop. He returned to London last year, and now works at BlueCrest.

Tetsuya Ishikawa also worked at Goldman Sachs. He left in 2007 and wrote a scandalous book titled, 'How I caused the credit crunch' about a fictional banker's adventures in brothels and 'exclusive bars.' In interviews accompanying the book's launch, Ishikawa said he too frequented brothels and married a Brazilian lap dancer. He then wrote a succession of articles for the Guardian, where he was described as a freelance journalist, but late in 2009 Ishikawa returned to banking.

Ishikawa's FCA profile shows that following his failed publishing career, he first got a job at Amias Berman, a fixed income agency trading firm, which opened a new UK office in October 2009. Last year, he moved on to Sapia Partners LLP, a private independent advisory firm comprised of 'senior professionals'.

How do they feel about Ishikawa's compromising confessional? He didn't return our call to find out.

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