Career Crunch: A bank is expanding in London! Goldman Sachs, ice machine

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What have you missed during the past week in the fast-moving world of financial recruitment? Here’s a round-up of the top stories on eFinancialCareers.

Up and coming investment bank receives 420 applications per job – and it’s still hiring

Few investment banks have been talking up big hiring plans in the City of London, but this firm has quadrupled its recruitment target for 2013, and still has a way to go.

Nine random factoids about interviewing and working at Goldman Sachs

Did you know that Goldman Sachs is a big maker of ice? Or that the majority of people work in the back office? No? Then read on.

Eight ways office politics can kill your investment banking career

It pays to know how to play the game of office politics in investment banking, but taking it too far will do your career more harm than good.

How you’ll know that your banking career has been derailed before you even hit 30

You’re in your 20s, trying to launch your banking career and are, in theory, in your prime. But what if the descent has already started?

Seven overlooked jobs where you can still find work in finance

It’s not all about private banking and princelings in Asia. Some jobs that fly under the radar are very much in demand.

Huge new war for talent as financial services jobseekers in London fall short by more than 13,000 in 2013

What’s happened? Suddenly there’s a huge shortfall of people to fill finance jobs in London. At least that’s the theory, but all is not what it seems.

U.K. and U.S. students go into banking for the money, French for the prestige

Students are less attracted to banking than in the past, but not as much as you would expect. Anyone wanting to work on Wall Street or the City is primary motivated by cash, however.

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