Diary of a back office intern: 75% of front office interns got an offer, and 100% of the back office

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It’s all over and the results are in. As you might recall from one of my previous entries, the vast majority of middle office and back office interns were going to try and make the move into a front office role. No one succeeded.

Front office:

75% got the job. This is nothing more than an observation, but they are all Caucasian males. Due to a large conversion rate from intern to grad offer, there are going to be fewer places available to anyone applying directly for graduate jobs – just a reality for anyone who didn't successfully complete an internship.

Middle office:

Pretty much everyone got the offer in Sales & Marketing (with one chap moving into a 6 month placement in Real Estate instead). Grad roles for outsiders seem unlikely for next year – with most vacancies likely to be filled by the summer and off cycle interns.

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Back office:

Everyone who wanted the offer got it. The reality of this meant that out of the three of us, one has requested to delay signing anything until after the mainstream milkround of applications is complete, one has gone down the path of (I think) quite successfully pursuing a different BO internship for next year, and one of us (me) is going through the process of applying to our very cool venture capital/strategy consulting business. This means there will certainly be vacancies for final years applying for jobs from next month in the back office.

A safe conclusion here: if you’re playing the numbers game, it’s MUCH easier to get a job following an internship than it is to get one straight out of university.

The final week was quiet as expected – ample time to prepare for the presentation and interview. Mine went fine – only a bit of negative feedback concerning specifics like hands in pockets – the details count!  Drinks afterwards – probably could have presented myself better, having attempted to teach one of the grad recruiters some break-dancing moves… nothing too damaging though.

The weirdest thing is the sensation you get on the Monday after you’re done… pulling back from that lifestyle is a little bit of a shock to the system. Lie ins seem impossible at first, and although I’m glad for the time being to catch up on things, I find myself feeling angsty not doing anything within working hours - the feeling won’t last long anyway. From Monday it’s onto the next insight programme before university starts up again. It hasn’t been a relaxing summer, but to anyone who’s on the fence about what to do with their penultimate year’s summer, apply for things (bulge bracket programmes are open already). Countless applications, interviews, ACs left me with three placements this summer and a full internship – and I can tell you now it feels pretty good going into my final year with two great offers already in my pocket.

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