What you must never say if you encounter this woman in an interview at Goldman Sachs

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If you're interning at Goldman Sachs, you may come across Edith Cooper. She appeared in a Goldman Sachs tweet yesterday next to a facially hirsute Lloyd Blankfein, having apparently dispensed some careers advice to Goldman's current summer interns.

Who is Edith Cooper? According to Goldman Sachs' website, she's executive vice president and global head of human capital management. This means she has ultimate control over all people issues and hiring at 'the firm.'

What does Edith Cooper think about banking careers? We don't precisely know: there are no indications as to what she said to the smiling interns yesterday.

How can you impress Edith Cooper in an interview? That is easier to gauge. In an interview with Bloomberg last year, Cooper disparaged money lust as a reason for working at Goldman Sachs.

“When you are on the fifth version of something and working late, you are not going to have your paycheck piled up in front of you,” she said. “What is going to keep you going is that you are interested in the business.”

In other words, if you're interviewing with Edith you must never ever say that you're interested in banking for the money. It's all about the industry. This probably applies to most banking interviews - at Goldman and elsewhere.