The 6 sexiest young bankers in the City, judged by Xenia Tchoumitcheva

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A few weeks ago we ran an epic competition to identify the most alluring investment bankers in the entire world. This was judged by 24 year old Xenia Tchoumitcheva, ex-J.P. Morgan intern and the founder and owner of luxury blog The results to this competition are now widely known: Christian Eliades, head of trading at London-based Met Traders came out on top, with 562 votes; poor Fabrice Tourre was only supported by eight people.

Many of the sexy banking nominees on our original list were, however, given an unfair advantage by virtue of their extreme seniority and consequent large wallets. We therefore invited nominations of lesser known sexy male bankers for a second round. Those nominations are now in. The nominees are listed below, along with Xenia's comments. Please add your vote at the bottom of the page. Coming in first place can be a life-altering experience. "I've never had so many requests to connect on LinkedIn," Christian Eliades told us this morning.

1. Khamran Ali 

Who? Khamran is an LSE graduate and analyst at Greenhill & Co. in London.

Xenia says: "Looks like a trendy fashionista with a sleek look."

Khamran AliKhamran Ali 2


2. John Platts Mills

Who?  John is an Oxford-educated corporate finance analyst at Deutsche Bank.

Xenia says: "With his hairstyle I feel like he could be part of a boy band and be the star for many teenagers, but his eyes give out his serious side."

John Platts Mills 2

3. Jesper Borulf

Who? A Swedish M&A associate at Evercore.

Xenia says: " Fit body and flawless face, almost a prince charming look.. too perfect: he must have some hidden flaw."

Jesper Borulf

4. Chukwuma Okpalugo

Who? Oxford-educated analyst at Morgan Stanley.

Xenia says: "Wonderful lips, intense eyes and looks great in a suit."  


5. William Briggs

Who? Former analyst at Goldman Sachs-turned analyst at Rothschild.

Xenia says: 'With his almond shaped eyes and clean face, he could easily be a young heart breaker.'

William Briggs

6. Guilherme Lopes

Who? Brazilian equity sales superstar at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Xenia says: "Looks Latino and friendly. Might have a good sense of humour?"

Guilherme Lopes

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