Research confirms it: a small bonus will make you eat Krispy Kremes

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Tempting? Maybe you need more money

How can you spot the trader with the tiny bonus? Try tracking his or her donut consumption.

Traders are notorious for their partiality to donuts. Last year, Krispy Kreme celebrated its 75th birthday by distributing 3,000 donuts on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Now, a new study indicates that traders who feel underpaid are more likely to gorge on Krispy Kremes than traders who think they're adequately compensated.

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Titled, 'A Wallet Full of Calories: The Effect of Financial Dissatisfaction on the Desire for Food Energy', the study was undertaken by two academics at universities in the Netherlands and Canada. Through a complex set of five experiments involving chocolate brownies and M&Ms, they were able to demonstrate that people who feel financially dissatisfied are more interested in eating fattening foods.

Why do financially underwhelmed people want to eat high calorie items? The researchers postulated that it might be because, 'food and money are closely related, exchangeable resources', with the result that, 'financially dissatisfied people may be motivated to replenish their need for financial resources by consuming caloric resources or food energy.'

Among other things, their experiments on various students showed that the financially dissatisfied have no interest in taste or price - their sole focus is on eating as many calories as possible (implying that underpaid traders will not be more likely to go for the millionaire's shortbread donut). They also showed that the financially dissatisfied will be more inclined to seek out high calorie foods - explaining why it is that low paid junior traders are usually sent on the donut run.

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