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The ten sexiest male bankers on earth, judged by Xenia Tchoumitcheva

Xenia Tchoumitcheva of

Male financial services professionals are not necessarily hugely attractive. Working in finance can itself be very detrimental to your appearance. Frequently, this does not matter: research shows that you can, for example, remain equally attractive to the opposite sex as a man just so long as for every 10% increase in your body mass index, you achieve a 3% increase in your income.

Nevertheless, there are male financial services professionals who benefit from both large wallets and inoffensive packaging. These we have listed below, followed by an opportunity for your feedback at the bottom of the page. Xenia Tchoumitcheva, the Russian-Swiss model, ex-J.P. Morgan intern and author of the luxury web magazine has added her comments to our selection.

Many of the men on the list are public figures. We are open to nominations of lesser-known male bankers of similar allure. Please send them to and we may feature them in a future article on the site.

Sexiest male financiers in the world today

1. Greg Coffey

Who? 41-year-old Greg Coffey is the ex-star trader from GLG and Moore Capital, who having made an alleged £430m in 10 years, decided to throw it all in and retire to Australia in October 2012.

Why? Unfortunately, we don't have our own photograph of Coffey, who is notoriously camera-shy. However, you can see him here in all his glory. Coffey's appeal is based upon a snarling masculinity, coupled with slicked-back hair that might be objectionable on someone else but is acceptable on this occasion.

Marital status: Married with three children. Coffey's wife, Ania Brzezinski, used to work for Credit Suisse.

Xenia says:  "Flawless hairstyle, rare for a banker, and intense look."

2. Brady Dougan

Brady Dougan

Who? The 54-year-old chief executive of Credit Suisse.

Why? Pockmarked and personable, Dougan has had a difficult few years at Credit Suisse with persistent rumours of his impending resignation.  Nevertheless, the marathon runner from an Illinois farm town has stuck it out. Dougan is on the list by virtue of his straightforward, self-effacing masculinity and seeming calmness under pressure.

Marital status: Dougan is divorced. In 2011, he had to pay $750k for being 12 days late with a $7.5m payment to Tomoko Hamada Dougan, who is seemingly a Japanese language instructor in New York. Dougan's divorce settlement stated that he was worth $80m.

Xenia says: "Shows strong personality in pictures, and has a reflective attitude."

3. Bill Winters

Bill Winters

Who? 51-year-old Winters occupied a succession of senior roles at J.P. Morgan before falling foul of Jamie Dimon in 2009. He now runs his own London-based investment advisory firm Renshaw Bay, but is invariably mentioned whenever a CEO position in a big bank becomes available.

Why? Tanned, charming, widely liked, Winters is not unlike Bill Clinton in appearance - but without the baggage. When Winters was at J.P. Morgan female bankers would allegedly swoon in his presence.

Marital status: Winters has been happily married for more than 30 years. He met his wife in Croatia, where he worked in a beer bottling factory.

Xenia says: 'He's got a nice smile and charm à-la Richard Gere.'

4. Anshu Jain


Who? The 50-year-old co-chief executive of Deutsche Bank.

Why? Rumoured to be somewhat Machievellian in management style, Jain has his admirers. Chief among them is the Financial Times columnist Miss Moneypenny who regularly writes about his aesthetic appeal at dining events.

Marital status: Anshu Jain is happily married with two children. He lives in a 'modest house' in West London with his wife, a children's author and travel writer.

Xenia says: "Very sexy eyes and eyebrows."

5. Mattieu Pigasse

Matthieu Pigasse

Who? 45-year-old CEO of Lazard France.

Why? Also known as the 'punk rock banker' on account of his musical taste, Pigasse is beautifully dressed and beautifully groomed and looks more like a French film star than a French financier.

Marital status: Pigasse has three children and is married to Alix Etournaud, a journalist.

Xenia says: "He's got a very expressive face, with a typical French appeal."

6. Fabrice Tourre

Who? The 34-year-old ex-Goldman Sachs CDO trader who will be appearing in a Federal court next Monday charged with misleading investors whilst at Goldman.

Why? We also don't have our own photo of Fabrice, but you can see plenty of them here. Fabrice is listed on the grounds of witticism, as displayed in his emails to his then girlfriend Marine Serres, plus Gallic swarthiness. Unlike the other bankers listed here, Fabrice is not gainfully employed: he's now a PhD student at the University of Chicago and may be poor.

Marital status: Unclear. Three years ago Fabrice seemingly had two girlfriends, Fatiha Bouktouche and Marine Serres. It's not known whether either have stuck around.

Xenia says:  "The nickname Fabulous Fab Tourre is the best description of this man."

7. Andrew Pisker

Andrew Pisker

Who? 53-year-old former chief executive of Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein. Now runs his own boutique, Richmond Park Partners. 

Why? Pisker has a smooth and Bond-esque appeal. He is also known to collect Ferraris. 

Marital status: Pisker is married to Belinda Wilson Pisker who appears to be a photographer and is blonde. 

Xenia says: 'His defined and flawless features, suggest strong character and masculinity.'

8. Lex Van Dam

Lex Van Dam

Who? 45-year-old former Goldman Sachs trader, television personality and trader training guru.

Why? Sardonic style. Name indicative of villainous tendencies.

Marital status: Divorced with Russian girlfriend and dog.

Xenia says: "Amazing smile, this animal lover could make any woman's heart melt."

9. Frédéric Oudéa

Frederic Oudea

Who? Chief executive of SocGen.

Why? Blue eyed, tanned, chiseled.

Marital status:  Married to Amelie Oudea Castera, who works for Axa.

Xenia says: 'His movements and expression suggest the self-confidence of an alluring man of power.'

10. Christian Eliades 


Who? Head of trading at London-based Met Traders.

Why? Mediterranean magnetism. Formerly a male model.

Marital status: Happily married.

Xenia says:  "A dark, Latin look and well-defined lips."

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AUTHOReFinancialCareers Insider Comment
  • ee
    17 February 2014

    Eek I know a few that should be on the list!

  • Li
    23 July 2013


  • Ch
    18 July 2013

    Seriously? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and personally don't believe in any of the beauty contests. Attractive appearance is a gift but everybody is natually beautiful in his or her own way so what's the point to make this ranking?!

  • Sh
    15 July 2013

    I've just seen your article on the ten sexiest male bankers judged by Xenia – not entirely sure if she was wearing beer-googles but these guys are not sexy at all! I had to check the date, I thought it was April Fools Day!

    I have worked with one of those bankers on your list and I can tell you that he had no personality whatsoever. Maybe these guys appeal to gold-digging types who are happy to settle with less than average looks or people with equally dull banking personalities but most sane people wouldn't give them a look-in.

  • an
    15 July 2013

    male model!

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