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Is Steven Cohen Crazy Enough to Not Fire You?

We assure you, your job is (likely) safe, SAC Capital told its employees in an email that surely won’t make anyone sleep well at night. The beleaguered hedge fund, bracing for a massive outflow of customer funds due to the government’s ongoing insider trading investigation, says it has no plans to become a family office, nor does it expect to see significant staff reductions. We’ll see.

Despite rumors that SAC saw nearly every dime of customer money walk, the firm told employees in an email obtained by Bloomberg that it has a “stable capital base” and will “still be a good-sized firm.” Conventional wisdom says they’re wrong, but let’s remember: this is Steven Cohen. He’s made a living off of doing what people told him he shouldn’t, or often times couldn’t. He also hates losing.

In an attempt to offer a sense of optimism to employees who likely fear for their jobs, SAC President Tom Conheeney pointed to two realities. One: SAC raised $500 million last year for a reinsurance company that can invest in its hedge funds. It’s not $9 billion, but it’s a start.

In addition, Conheeney said that key customers who redeemed their investment suggested they’d be willing to reconsider once the dust settles from the insider trading investigation. Reasonable considering the firm’s 25% return rate since 1992.

The fate of SAC – and its employees – all comes down to Cohen. Is he stubborn enough to keep his 1,000-person team intact as he attempts to rebuild the business while dodging a federal probe? I guess it’s possible. We heard from recruiters that, audaciously, SAC continues to interview junior people, mostly in research. For now we’ll have to wait and see, but hiring managers at rival firms can certainly expect to see an influx of resumes with “SAC Capital” resting on top.

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(Source: The Daily Muse)

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