KPMG Hiring College Grads, Banks Scrounging for Compliance Talent

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Tip: KPMG to Hire 4,000

KPMG plans to make roughly 4,000 full-time and intern hires during its next recruiting class. Blane Ruschak, executive director of campus recruiting at KPMG, sat down to give us an insider’s look at how to land an accounting job with the Big Four as a recent grad.

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Tip: How to Get a Job in Compliance

Wall Street is looking to hire compliance officers in droves. Connecticut-based SAC Capital just announced plans to increase its compliance staff by 25%. J.P. Morgan is hiring throughout its compliance division following the London Whale trading debacle, and Royal Bank of Scotland is hiring in compliance, regulatory risk, anti-money laundering and all areas of audit.

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Tip: J.P. Morgan Adding Technology Staffers

J.P. Morgan is beefing up its technology risk team in Asia as cyber security becomes increasingly important to its business, but hiring is tricky due to a shortage of IT risk professionals who understand the complex needs of large banks.

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