Wells Fargo Adding Bankers, Wealth Management Poaching Heats Up

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Here are the main job opportunities of the last week.

Tip: Wealth Management Poaching Reaches New Heights

Now is the time to make a move in wealth management. Once a new rule is in place – likely next year – wealth managers who accept six- and seven-figure signing bonuses at a new firm will have to disclose their windfall to clients. Firms see the writing on the wall and are hiring in droves.

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Tip: How to Get an Investment Banking Job at J.P. Morgan

Here are some tips on how to nail down an investment banking job, directly from Joanna Lee, an investment banking MBA recruiter at J.P. Morgan.

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Tip: Wells Fargo Looking for Senior Bankers in London

Wells Fargo wants to expand its U.K. property lending business. True to its word, the bank is now advertising some impressive-sounding roles for senior front office bankers.

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