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Report Gives Barclays’ Jenkins All the Leverage

Every investment banking job cut at Barclays has saved £430k

If Barclays was a celebrity, it’d be Lindsay Lohan. The firm generates revenue, sure, but it makes headlines for all the wrong reasons. Scandalous news seems to pop up nearly every day. Now we have a better idea why.

In a 244-page independent report commissioned by Barclays issued on Wednesday, investigators confirmed what many had thought all along: The British bank grew too fast, it failed to promote proper values and, most importantly, Barclays – and its bankers – always favored short-term success over sustainability. Barclays also pushed regulations to their limits and fostered a culture where upper management wasn’t bothered with serious concerns, investigators said.

While the report focuses mainly on the past, when the bank was under different leadership, it will likely have ramifications on current bankers. Barclays’ investment banking arm was “overly generous” in paying its employees, said investigators, and the bank’s incentive programs "suffered a number of design issues.” Pay practices reinforced the bank’s me-first culture.

While critical, the report isn’t earthshattering – everyone knew of Barclays’ overriding cultural issues. Still, the findings give current Chief Executive Antony Jenkins increased leverage to make many of the changes that he’s suggested, including further reigning in pay. Incentivized compensation is likely to take a hit, which will only infuriate U.S. bankers at Barclays who feel their bonuses are already inequitable.

Jenkins and his team just got a lot stronger. Get ready for rehab, Barclays.

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List of the Day: Raise Techniques

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(Source: AOL Jobs)

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