Plenty of Bruno Iksil's CIO colleagues still work for JPMorgan

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More fallout is emerging from last week's Senate Testimony relating to the JPMorgan 'Whale Trade' of last year. Alphaville has alighted upon an org-chart showing who was who at the chief investment office (CIO) in London. Interestingly - and surprisingly - it seems that many of Iksil's colleagues and members of Javier Martin-Artajo's former team are still with the bank.

The org chart below relates to 2012 and is derived from the material JPMorgan provided to the Senate Committee. Of twenty two members of Javier Martin-Artajo's team (excluding the two executive assistants) in London, we found nine who are still working for JPMorgan in the City according to the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA) Register.

These are Iksil's London-based CIO colleagues who are still at JPM according to the FSA, plus their work histories:

Eric de Sangues: Joined JPMorgan in 2008 from Deutsche Bank. He previously worked for hedge fund Avendis Capital.

Luis Buraya: Joined JPMorgan in 2007 and hadn't been registered in London previously.

Tolga Uzuner: Joined JPMorgan in 2007 from Credit Suisse.

Alexandre Borione: Joined JPMorgan in 2006. Previously worked for Standard Bank.

Vladimir Aleksic: Joined JPMorgan in 2009. Wasn't registered elsewhere in London previously.

Anthony Brown: Joined JPMorgan in 2008 from Credit Suisse.

Francois Brochard: Joined JPMorgan in 2008.

Andrew Perryman: Joined JPMorgan via Bank One in 2002. Previously at Barclays.

Andy Berner: Joined from Tudor Capital in 2008.

Some people have left the CIO, however. Bruno Iksil, Javier Martin Artajo and Achilles Macris were let go from JPMorgan in July 2012 after the CIO's $5.8bn trading loss became apparent.  Five other former CIO employees shown on the org chart below have also left the bank (possibly reasons entirely unrelated to the Whale trade) according to the FSA Register. They are:

Julien Grout: Left December 2012. Yet to resurface.

Ade Adetayo: Left January 2013. Yet to resurface.

Ashish Goyal: Left JPMorgan in August 2012 and joined Bluecrest.

Paul Southern: Left January 2013. Yet to resurface.

James Gaillard: Left January 2013. Yet to resurface.

Various other members of Martin Artajo's former team were untraceable via the FSA, suggesting they may have moved overseas. Either way, it looks like there hasn't been the clear out of traders from JPMorgan's London CIO that some expected. Plenty of people are still in place. JPMorgan declined to comment, but one insider pointed out that most people in the CIO had nothing to do with the disastrous trading strategy pursued by Bruno Iksil and others. "These are very talented traders," he said.

JPMorgan CIO Org Chart

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