Easy interview questions asked at Barclays, JPMorgan, RBS and Morgan Stanley

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You're interviewing for a student job in a bank. Which questions will you be asked and how can you prepare? Click the links below to see the questions students said they were asked by the banks listed in the 2012-2013 application round.

These are entry-level jobs, so many of the questions seem surprisingly simple. One in particular crops up time after time: 'Where will you in five years?' - never walk into a banking interview without knowing how to respond.

Under each link, we've also added the answers students told us they gave to the questions. The responses are for your information - we're not saying they're ideal, or even necessarily correct, we're just giving you an idea of the standard of the competition. If you've interviewed for a graduate role with an investment bank and have some questions (and answers) to send us, get in touch at Editor@eFinancialCareers.com.

Barclays, finance interview questions, graduate position 

Bank of America, technology interview questions, graduate position

Bank of Ireland, FX sales and trading interview questions, internship 

Brown Brothers Harriman, compliance interview questions, internship 

Deutsche Bank,  sales and trading interview questions, graduate position

HSBC, finance interview questions, internship  

HSBC, debt capital markets interview questions, internship 

JPMorgan, private banking interview questions, graduate position 

Morgan Stanley, credit risk interview questions, graduate position 

OSTC Trading, fixed income trading interview questions, graduate position 

Royal Bank of Scotland, debt capital markets interview questions, internship 

Santander, retail banking interview questions, graduate position 

SocGen, equity structuring interview questions, internship