M&A, Equities Hiring to Spike in 2013

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Here are the main job opportunities of the last week.

Tip: M&A Hiring in Pockets

M&A hiring isn’t robust, but firms are still adding talent in key sectors like healthcare, energy and financial institutions groups. M&A opportunities are also being created at places like the Bank of Montreal, Wells Fargo and SunTrust.

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Tip: Equities Businesses to Add Talent  

Equity capital markets revenues are expected to increase by 42% in 2013, likely resulting in the hiring of advisory and underwriting professionals, according to Deutsche Bank analysts. Cash equities revenue – and subsequent hiring – is also expected to rise.

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Tip: Hybrid Technologists Needed

With banks such as Citi handing the technology department over to top executives, firms will increasingly recruit people with hybrid skills in technology and business. Senior technologists are now being recruited to roll up their sleeves and get directly involved in projects.

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