INTERVIEW QUESTIONS: Santander, Retail Banking, Graduate Job

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Tell me about a time when you worked in a successful team.

Student’s Answer: 

I work as a tennis coach and several of us from the tennis centre organised a charity event. While brainstorming about the programme of the day, one of the coaches proposed a raffle prize sale and a cupcake sale to maximise donations. Because she was very shy and quiet, nobody even heard her idea. I paused everyone for a second and told them that she had a brilliant idea and she should repeat it. Everyone felt we should take the idea on board. We raised over £13,000 and this idea brought us the highest amount of donations.


What do you know about this role?

Student’s Answer: 

It's a 2 year scheme and the goal is to become a branch manager within 24 months. It is a very fast-paced and energetic environment. I will be interacting with customers, aiming to provide the greatest customer experience, leading to higher customer satisfaction and customer retention rates.

I will also be moving from branch to branch. This will help me expand my network, meet more new people and be challenged every day.

I will be able to learn more about how a branch operates and how the sales and service roles work.

The structured programme will help me gain the PBA accreditation to advise customers about products and services.


Why we should hire you?

Student’s Answer: 

You should hire me because I have already proven customer experience success, You should also hire me because I am outstanding under pressure which is evidenced by working 6 different jobs and still achieving a first class degree. You should also hire me because I have a passion for banking which is the reason I have chosen all my modules around bribery, anti-money laundering and banking law regulations. Finally, you should hire me because every time I have started a job, a project, university, a course,a hobby, every single time I have shown enthusiasm and hard work ethic and I intend to do the same with Santander.

We cannot guarantee the authenticity of these questions nor the accuracy of the answers: they are what one candidate claims to have been asked by Santander and have not been verified by the bank. To visit our list of banks’ graduate interview questions in 2013, click here.

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