INTERVIEW QUESTIONS: Barclays, Finance, Graduate job

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How did you research this role before the interview?

Student’s Answer: 

I carried out research in several different ways. I looked on the internet to find out about Barclays, its mission and its values. I also spoke with employees to find out something about the company from their perspective.


Why did you choose Barclays?

Student’s Answer: 

Barclays is a leading bank and I feel that I can make a positive contribution to your success, whilst developing as a person.


Have you applied anywhere else?

Student’s Answer: 

Yes, to two other companies.

We cannot guarantee the authenticity of these questions nor the accuracy of the answers: they are what one candidate claims to have been asked by Barclays and have not been verified by the bank. To visit our long list of all banks’ graduate interview questions in 2013, click here.

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