Weekly Minute: French Banks Eyeing U.S. Talent, Compliance Hiring to Spike

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Here are the main job opportunities from the last week.

Tip: Eight Hedge Funds Most Likely to Hire

While most hedge funds have toiled through a generally difficult 2012, a handful have had very strong years, and are well position to hire in 2013. Bluecrest Capital Management, Winton Capital Management, D.E. Shaw and Bridgewater Associates to name a few.

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Tip: Compliance Hiring Set to Spike

Impending regulatory mandates will require banks to hire an additional 70,000 compliance officers in Europe alone, according to a recent estimate. In the U.S., with Dodd Frank and other rules looming, the demand for qualified compliance and risk management personnel is sure to be similar.

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Tip: French Banks Adding U.S. Talent

French banks like BNP Paribas and Societe Generale, which had to slash U.S. staff during the financial crisis, are quietly adding headcount as the market stabilizes.

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Want Job Security? Move to Dubai

Dubai is bracing for an influx of expats as an increasing number of Western finance professionals see the region as a more attractive place to gain job security.

Best Paid Hedge Fund Jobs at Mid-Sized, U.S. Firms

Large hedge funds offer more job opportunities. But if you want to get paid well, apply for a role at a mid-sized firm.

Read the Economist and Run a Central Bank

When it comes to finding a high-profile role, it’s all about who you know. Or maybe it’s all about what you read.

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