Weekly Minute: Insurance Companies Hiring, Techies in Demand

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Here are the main job opportunities of the last week.

Tip: Insurance Companies Hiring Thousands

Large insurance providers like New York Life, Guardian Life and Prudential Life have ramped up their hiring of financial services professionals to compensate for the renewed interest in more conservative wealth management products. Also expect to see an increased demand for underwriters, loss/control professionals and claims folks in the coming months.

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Tip: Credit Suisse Offshoring Means IT Jobs

What is New York’s loss is North Carolina’s gain. In an effort to cut costs, Credit Suisse plans to accelerate its offshoring plans, moving IT jobs from expensive cities like New York, London and Singapore to cheaper locals like Raleigh, North Carolina; Wraclow, Poland; and Mumbai, India. The Swiss bank is filling generic development, IT support, messaging and web development roles in these cities.

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Tip: Tech Specialists in Demand

Tech budgets are on the rise at large banks like J.P. Morgan, Citigroup, Bank of America and Morgan Stanley. Domestic banks are looking for thousands of tech specialists throughout the U.S., with J.P. Morgan showing the greatest prospects.

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