Around the World: M&A slowing in Russia, While SME Demand is Strong in Singapore

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BRIC, particularly Russian, M&A has slowed down significantly this year

The BRIC countries are supposed to be synonymous with growth, and the rapid rise of M&A deals over the past five years is evidence of this. However, it seems that this growth is slowing and Russia in particular is letting the side down. So far this year, BRIC targeted M&A volume is down by 10% to $272.8bn, according to new figures from Dealogic. This doesn’t sound too bad, but the number of deals has slumped by more than 1,000 in 2012, to 6,036. This was led by a drop in Russia and China. Deal volume in Russia has fallen to $45.8bn, or an 18% decline on last year. More disconcertingly, as the chart below shows, M&A activity in the BRIC countries appears to have peak in 2009. [Russia]

Here is a job where demand for talent and supply of candidates are both strong (HSBC and StanChart are hiring)

There aren’t many job functions where recruitment is driven by new headcount growth; still fewer where candidate supply is also strong. SME (small and medium enterprises) banking in Singapore is an exception. SMEs are seeking greater working capital from banks to boost their operating liquidity during the global downturn. This is driving Singaporean banks and foreign firms with a Qualifying Full Bank (QFB) licence – such as HSBC, Standard Chartered and Maybank – to ramp up their SME businesses and headcounts. [Singapore]

These two investment banks are HIRING in the Middle East

As investment banks cut back, some good people come on the job market and there’s never any shortage of firms willing to indulge in some opportunistic hiring. In the UK, this is largely boutique firms, while in the Middle East regional banks are proving to be a safe haven for some big deal-makers. However, it’s also worth noting that amid the retrenchment, some of the larger players are continuing to build in the Middle East. The first is J.P. Morgan, which has just named Ahmed Saeed, formerly a managing director in Nomura’s Dubai investment banking division, as head of its Middle East business focusing on public sector clients. [Middle East]

Where are all the senior women in Ireland’s financial services industry?

There’s a shortage of women in Ireland’s boardroom, according to the Institute of Directors in Ireland (IoD). Does this apply to the country’s financial services industry too? The answer appears to be yes. Bonnie Stevens from Accreate Executive Search says there are no women who hold ‘chair’ level positions in Ireland’s financial services industry and that only 13% of board-level positions in the sector are held by women. [Ireland]

8 things you should know before you move to Switzerland

Tired of London, tired of, er, London.  As a London headhunter within financial services who has moved to Switzerland (Zürich) in the last couple of years, I feel partially qualified to comment on the Switzerland talent migration. Here are 8 things I suggest you think about if you’re considering a move. [Switzerland]

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