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For those of you who always wanted to be the head of something different, here's a job for you, Director of Marketable Alternatives for an independent investment consulting and advisory firm. The Meketa Investment Group of Westwood, MA provides strategic investment services to large institutional clients.

According to them, they offer a team-oriented, stimulating environment with outstanding benefits and they need someone to identify and evaluate the capabilities of strong marketable alternative strategies such as hedge funds, commodities, risk parity and GTAA. You're going to need to know what that is because this is a relatively responsible position. It stands for Global Tactical Asset Allocation, in case you didn't.

You're going to be leading the firm’s business development initiatives in marketable alternatives, including the development of marketing materials and making new business presentations. That means you're going to have to:

•    Present the firm’s research and recommendations to prospective and existing clients.

•    Attend, and network, and make presentations at industry conferences.

•    Review, monitor, and report on existing allocations to clients.

•    Improve upon all matters related to marketable alternative due diligence and monitoring.

•    Manage and develop the less senior members of our research team.

•    Conduct and publish research that contributes to improvements in the quality of the company’s investment advisory services such as writing white papers.

Bet you didn't see that coming. They want you to be a writer too.

This isn't an entry level job. In fact, you're going to need at least 15 years of experience conducting research on marketable alternative strategies; direct experience working at a hedge fund is viewed favorably. Not only that, you have to be able to develop and pursue new business opportunities.

To be that kind of rainmaker,  you need strong relationship management skills; strong quantitative skills, including facility with financial and statistical concepts and superior verbal and written communication skills. Make sure you can whip out that MBA or MSF. Being a CFA doesn't hurt either.

Hope you like to travel because you're going to be on the road 40% of the time.

If you're still interested, go here.

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