Hot job of the day: Director Global Mobility

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In school we studied the Industrial Revolution. Then the media gave us the Information Revolution. And now innovation has provided in the "Mobility" Revolution. Or as the Who would sing, "we're going mobile."

Therefore, we deem Director Global Mobility for BlackRock our hot job of the day. Making it even hotter is the fact that it's located in San Francisco.

With a title like that you might wonder what part of the company you'll be working in. Well, it's actually a human resources position. And you're going to be responsible for ongoing strategic guidance and leadership of Global Mobility services for BlackRock with direct responsibility for the Americas as well as global responsibility for maintaining the program framework, tax and immigration services. That includes policy development and governance, consulting, and vendor management and you'll be reporting to the Managing Director, HR Operations.

Basically, you will be overseeing the management of employees on the move. That includes relocation and all that entails, domestic and international, immigration, and tax programs in collaboration with all relevant stakeholders. You're also responsible for making sure BlackRock's Global Mobility policies are competitive and cost effective, aligned with best practice in the market, support the firm's business and HR strategy, and meet the needs of an increasingly diverse globally mobile workforce.

This means you have between ten and 15 years experience in global mobility human resources position, or as a consultant providing this service. You'll need at least a BA, have excellent leadership and people management skills in leading a diverse team for performance excellence.

If you're interested, you find more information on this hot job right here.