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Every now and then a job comes along that has the potential of being a dream come true or a nightmare of exceptional proportions. Let me put it another way. All your life, you've been the smartest person in the room and then you go to work for Spark Investment Management and you find yourself surrounded by people more intelligent than you are. Most of them have Ph.Ds. And your job is to impress this group as the Corporate Strategist who will head complex projects and bring ideas to fruition.

Not too much pressure there, right. .

Still, your starting compensation should make up for some of that anxiety. You'll be starting off earning $400,000 a year with a small company whose increased globalization of its requires trans-national optimization of structures, policies, and investments and you'll be expected to contribute to this effort in a variety of ways depending on your skills and inclinations. If you excel, you may play a leadership role in governing our firm.

In the write up on the job description, they say your responsibilities will normally be novel and cross-functional. Novel? Cross-functional? What that means is you're going to have to think on your feet and make things up as you go along. You’ll develop and apply technical expertise in a variety of areas. You’ll begin by consulting leading experts and move on from there. You’ll select the best pieces from each expert’s solution and use them to eventually generate your own ideas. You’ll apply a breadth of knowledge to create lucrative custom solutions for Spark's business.

Basically, they're looking for someone who can handle new, uncertain situations and will make crucial contributions to the bottom line by solving complicated problems. You can expect to be challenged, learn new things, and be rewarded for your exceptional performance. They, in turn, will expect the highest quality and originality of work from you.

This is a challenging and high-impact role so you should be skilled in both language and numbers, able seeing the big picture as well as handling the details. Ideal candidates can contribute with exceptional analytical or interpersonal skills as well as the practical capability to apply these skills to real business issues. This position requires high intelligence and the desire to learn and master key elements of managing a successful business. Raw ability and ingenuity matter more than specific background as both theoretical and applied methods will be important in conquering new challenges. Intellectually exceptional candidates without previous experience in finance are encouraged to apply.

If executive success is your priority and you are looking for a career that matches your high level of agile intelligence, ambition, and cross-functional capabilities, go here.

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