Hey boomers, could your out of date wardrobe be keeping you from getting a job offer?

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You‘ve updated your resume, removed outdated wording such as “references upon request” and the years of experience, which reflects your baby boomer generation. You've been successful in getting interviews making it to the second round, but for some reason you're not moving to the next level. On paper you're up to date, but have you also updated your professional appearance?

Look in your closet and ask yourself “does my wardrobe make me look older or youthful and up to date?” Your wardrobe could be a hindrance to you getting that next job offer or promotion.

Whether we want to admit it or not, age discrimination does exist and our appearance can be a dead ringer for how old we are.

During the interview process, the hiring manager determines if you will be motivated to do the work, offer new ideas, and overall evaluate the fit with their younger workforce. Do not under estimate that what you are wearing has an effect on the hiring decision. You don’t want to be dressing too young for your age, but giving yourself a more updated, in style, and fresh look that will help diminish age discrimination from happening to you.

Here are some tips to update your closet:

  •  Make Your Style Current - Find the clothes that FIT you the best and see they can be altered by a tailor to the current style such as removal of shoulder pads, change the length or add a new accessory.

  •  Shoe Styles Change Too! - Look at the department store flyers for shoes that are in style and throw out the old ones in your closet, so you will not be tempted to wear them.

  •  What Color are You? - Evaluate if the colors that looked good on you years ago, still compliment your skin tone, hair color and are the colors of the new season.

  •  Consult the Experts - Go to stores that have in house fashion consultants who can help you pick out some new updated pieces.

It is time to look at the clothes in your closet and ask yourself “do they make me look older” and if the answer is yes, then go on a shopping spree to refresh your look!

Jayne Mattson is a career consultant with Keystone Associates

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