Around the world: Why Qatar may be the place to be for investment bankers

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Consensus that this is the worst it’s ever been. Rumors Morgan Stanley planning big fixed income cuts. But another new bank is hiring

This is not an easy time in financial services. But is it the worst time ever? Apparently, yes. [UK]

More equities’ heads roll in Asia; here’s more on Deutsche’s latest cuts

The bad news for Asia’s equities professionals has continued unabated. Lay-offs hit RBS, Macquarie and CLSA earlier this year. [Hong Kong]

Further reasons for optimism (and caution) on Middle East M&A. Why Qatar may be the place to be for investment bankers

There is, to coin a cliché, some cautious optimism around the Middle East M&A market. Barclays views the region as key to growth, many are tipping the remainder of the year to witness a surge in deals and now it’s emerged that the value of deals last month was the highest since September 2008. [Middle East]

Here’s one role in which Aussies can still find work in Asia

There aren’t many Asian roles that welcome Australian-based candidates with open arms these days: operational risk is an exception, all be it a niche one. [Australia]

Insurance firms in Asia want UK talent. Unfortunately, they’re still unwilling to pay

If you were to offer a UK-based investment banker a role in Asia-Pac, they’d probably jump at the chance. However, trying to convince City insurance professionals to make the move is a harder sell, despite firms in the region attempting to persuade them across.  [Singapore]

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