Around the World: Dubai remains the most desirable financial center in the Middle East, but Qatar and Abu Dhabi are gaining ground

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Dubai remains the most desirable financial center in the Middle East, but Qatar and Abu Dhabi are gaining ground

The stock of Middle Eastern financial centers is rising on the global stage, which shows that they’re becoming more desirable places to work. Dubai still leads the way, but Qatar and Abu Dhabi are becoming increasingly competitive. [Middle East]

It’s likely that 80% of technologists will receive no bonus at all for 2012, here’s what they were paid for 2011

In theory, with IT one of the more liquid areas of recruitment currently, investment banks should be working hard to keep hold of their technology staff. However, we’re told that the clampdown on bonuses is hitting tech functions hard, and a large proportion of people should expect zeros this year. [UK]

These are the jobs that are still sought-after in Singapore

Many people want to enter the financial industry but don’t know how to secure their dream role. Even though everyone should research the job market, many people fail to do so – or even know how to. To understand the labor market, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) conducts a regular manpower survey. The data, which is no longer shared publicly, only includes employees – self-employed insurance agents and remisiers, for example, are excluded.  [Singapore]

If you’re leaving business school in this horrible hiring year, here’s what could help

Congratulations for the hard work you put into your education and the impeccable timing of leaving business school during one of the worst hiring years in recent memory. I graduated from the HKUST MBA programme and if you’re like me, and probably the majority of graduates, you haven’t been able to line up a job via your school’s career services office. The current economy is tough, so let me offer some suggestions that may help you with your search. [Hong Kong]

Will an MSc in Finance help you land a financial services job in Ireland?

Ireland is lucky to have a number of financial services MSc courses. They aren’t cheap though. Is it really worth the time and money you’ll have to invest in studying for one? The general verdict from Ireland’s financial services recruiters seems to be that yes, it is. [Ireland]

Accountants of Australia: This is where you stand in the job market

As Australia gets ready to celebrate a major date in its calendar (social media campaign “I Heart Accountants Day” on Friday, of course), we thought it appropriate to review the current job market for number crunchers. Ernst & Young launched the promotional drive in 2011 to recognise the business contribution and diversity of Australia’s 123,000-strong accountancy workforce. [Australia]