Around the World: Big Four accounting a bright spot in Asia and the Middle East

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Chinese banks constrain their hiring as profits fall
Profits at big Chinese banks are in decline and firms are being more selective about recruitment, but they are still seen as providing stable careers. Here’s a quick summary of what you should know. [ Hong Kong]
How to blow the whistle without blowing your career
Collective eyebrows were raised yesterday following news that a convicted fraudster Brad Birkenfeld has been paid over $100m by the US tax agency (IRS) for blowing the whistle on tax cheats at UBS.  A similar reward would not happen in the UK, because we do not have a regime for making payments to whistleblowers.  [ Scotland]
Advice to bankers in Asia: If your job is under threat, try the big four
Bankers aren’t getting much love from their employers these days. A number have already borne the brunt of redundancies in Asia and even more bloodshed is anticipated. [ Singapore]
If you want to work in Middle East restructuring, it’s worth applying to a Big Four accounting firm
While most investment banking work has been thin on the ground in recent years, debt restructuring was tipped to be something of a bonanza. In recent years boutique firms moved to the region specifically to focus on this area. Unfortunately, the work never materialized. [ Middle East]

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