Hot Job of the Day: MBS Credit Analyst, a Hot Job for a Hot Market

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Financial recruiter Richard Lipstein of Gilbert and Tweed predicted a few months ago that if you're hitting your head against the "not hiring today" walls in various financial sectors, you should take a look at real estate because that's where the next financial hiring boom will be.

Turns out he was right, which is one of the reasons we selected a position in the real estate sector as our Hot Job of the Day.

Now on its face, the position of "MBS Credit Analyst" doesn't look all that hot. That is, until you get to the line about salary range and there it sizzles between $200,000 and $500,000. Suddenly, you're thinking, where do I apply? The short answer is Focus Capital, but we'll have more on that later.

Working in Real Estate is Hot Again

First, let's take a look at what's making the real estate market so hot after being so cold for so long.

According to FINS, which was recently acquired by our parent company, Dice Holdings, Inc., banks such as Citigroup, Wells Fargo and Fifth Third Bank have been adding to their mortgages-related headcount to process the recent flood of refinancing requests. Citigroup reportedly has hired several thousand people in its mortgage business just this year and is anticipating continued growth in this area, said Mark Rodgers, Citi's director of public affairs who was interviewed by FINS.

Are You a Hot MBS Credit Analyst?

Enough about that – let's get back to today's hot job. According to its posting on our job site, Focus Capital is looking for someone who can analyze and make recommendations for loan origination involving a large portfolio of Global Office buildings, residential or hotels in Asia and the Americas. It helps if you have experience in either agency and non-agency CMBS, RMBS, as well as other Commercial Real Estate. And knowledge of securitizations is obviously a big plus.

An important part of this job is conducting credit analysis and surveillance of global real estate portfolio holdings, so you're going to have to show them you have plenty of experience in those areas. You'll also be responsible for presenting investment recommendations and recommend portfolio rebalancing as appropriate.

Now you understand why they're willing to pay those big bucks.

This isn't an entry-level position. In fact, you have to have at least a decade's experience in credit risk under your belt to even be considered and a minimum of seven years in a senior credit capacity covering global commercial real estate. You'll find more information about this hot job at the posting.

So if you've got the guts, the glory and the required background for this job, click here.

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