Around the World: Will There Only Be Three Global Investment Banks Left Standing?

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Warning: there could soon be just three global investment banks left standing

If you thought the current round of layoffs form investment banks was bad, unfortunately the future may be more of a dystopia for the industry as the vast majority are forced to pull out of entire countries or business lines to cope with shrinking revenues. [UK]

Pack your suitcase: sovereign wealth funds are hiring, and want London experience

Working for a sovereign wealth fund has historically been something of a hard sell for financial professionals in Western locations – you have to head out to wherever the fund is based (often an emerging market) and pay and bonuses have lagged large financial institutions. [Middle East]

Private banking in China is slowing down, but there is hiring beyond the big four

Private banking recruitment, the erstwhile buoyant sector in Asia, is seeing signs of a slowdown. It’s even affected China, where economic growth has slowed down to about 8 percent. [Hong Kong]

Should Ireland brace itself for an influx of French financiers?

The City of London is bracing itself for an influx of French financiers, desperate to escape the higher rate of income tax set to be imposed in the country. Could Ireland’s financial sector also benefit? [Ireland]

Opinion: A financial career does not allow you any freedom; you are truly a wage slave

It took an act of God, but I managed to do it. I landed an illusive two-month contract at a financial services firm. I remember the call where I negotiated terms of my assignment: trumpets blared in the background. [Singapore]

Signals that Norway’s pension fund could need to hire more soon

The Norwegian oil fund has never been one for bullish statements around hiring intentions, but its signal to increase the amount of risk it takes on suggests a need for more investment staff. [Norway]

Candidates: Sorry, most employers don’t want you unless you’re the perfect fit to the job

Now is not the time for a career change in financial services: employers are demanding an exact match to the job description and are rejecting candidates who can’t hit the ground running. [Australia]

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