Around the World: Risk Jobs Rising in Asian Emerging Markets

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If you work in risk, a 30 percent salary rise is entirely possible in Asian emerging markets

Risk may be fairly established in Asia’s more sophisticated financial centers but it’s still fairly uncharted territory in countries like Indonesia and Vietnam. Keen on jumping on board the emerging markets bandwagon? Peter Chong, managing consultant, risk, MRIC, speaks with eFinancialCareers about the rapidly growing appetite for risk jobs in these countries. [Singapore]

Why, exactly, are firms still reluctant to hire ETF specialists?

Rewind two years and the battle for talent among exchange-traded funds (ETFs) providers was heating up to boiling point. Golden handcuffs were dutifully applied to key staff and poaching was rife as new players set up in Europe. [Australia]

The Central Bank’s growing team are now sticklers for detail

Want to work for the Central Bank of Ireland? You’d better bone up on the rule book. Paranoid about being accused of "light touch" regulation, the growing team of regulation staff are increasingly intrusive in the day to day life of Ireland’s bankers. [Ireland]

Nomura will cut jobs in Asia: Hong Kong, not Singapore, will likely bear the brunt

Impending job losses at Nomura will hit its overseas operations, particularly equities and investment banking, with Asia taking its share of the cuts. [Hong Kong]

Wanted: information security experts to protect Middle Eastern banks

Banks in the Middle East are under attack from cyber threats. It’s not unusual for financial institutions to be targeted by hackers, but – unlike large banks in Western locations – those in the Middle East are not as well defended. There’s now something of a scramble to bring information security experts to the region. [Middle East]

Scottish Widows Investment Partnership has restarted its graduate scheme

If recent history is anything to go by, students set to graduate in 2013 would be wise to apply to Scottish Widows Investment Partnership (SWIP) while the opportunity presents itself. [Scotland]

Getting Russia moving up the financial center rankings would be a boon for the job market

Moving up the rankings of international financial centers would be good for employment in the sector in Moscow. [Russia]

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