Around the World: Hiring and poaching up in commodities

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Where the jobs are now: Information service providers in Hong Kong and Singapore

With a counter-cyclical, compliance-driven flourish, information services providers in Asia are continuing to expand recruitment while banks continue to cut. But ironically, this demand for staff is being generated by the banks themselves. [Hong Kong]

Green, grey or grounded: what it takes to work in a sovereign wealth fund

You may have noticed recently that sovereign wealth funds in the Middle East have been  hiring a lot more in-house investment staff recently. You may have also questioned how, as government bodies able (but unwilling) to pay big salaries or bonuses, they’ve succeeded in attracting the requisite talent. [Middle East]

Investment bank by investment bank, here’s who can afford to hire. And who can’t

Most banks’ second quarter results are now out. We have a window onto their performance in the first half. The view is not pretty, but some banks are better placed to pick up floating talent in the second half of the year than others. [UK]

This bank is expanding in Russian equities
If you want to work as an equities professional in Russia, you may be interested to know that URALSIB Capital, the investment banking arm of URALSIB Financial Corporation, is hiring.  [ Russia]
Qualifications that WILL get your CV seen. The CFA is not necessarily among them

As a follow-up to last week’s article on what UK-based financial services recruiters have been searching for when they search through the eFinancialCareers CV database, we’d like to elaborate on the particular qualifications they’ve been using to sift your CVs.  [Scotland]

There’s poaching and huge salary increases in this sector…

Amid the dreariness of the employment market in Asia, commodities has remained fairly upbeat, particularly in China. Earlier this month, Mercuria, one of the world’s top-five energy trading houses, hired James Wu as head of its new Chinese metals trading business in Shanghai.  [Singapore]

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