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Around the World: A Map of Morgan Stanley’s Emerging Market Expansion

In the future, Morgan Stanley’s head of emerging markets implies banking recruitment will happen here, here and here

If you’re prepared to migrate internationally in search of work, you may need to look beyond the standard options. [Russia]

Future expansion of Citi’s new Chinese joint venture may be tricky amid tight talent market

Citigroup’s new Chinese joint venture, dubbed Citi Orient Securities, is likely to face tough competition if it wants to hire more investment bankers. [China]

Private bankers are still in demand, even as Asia’s wealthy become more distrustful

Asia’s rich are increasingly disillusioned with their private bankers and prefer to manage their own assets. This is helping to raise recruitment standards at private banks. Nevertheless, there continues to be hiring in the region. [Hong Kong]

GUEST COMMENT: 10 tips for getting rich in investment banking these days

Seriously guys, a lot of people I know in banking spend without thinking. So despite the relatively high wage, by the end of their seventh year in banking, many don’t have any savings, property or anything else of relevance. [Middle East]

Investment banking technologists: move to small vendor, wear a Hawaiian shirt

One of the accusations levelled at investment banks is that, when it comes to technology, they’re slow to innovate. What’s more, the hierarchical structure means that developers often spend more time in meetings than coding. Should you take a gamble on a smaller company attempting to develop cutting edge IT for financial services?  [UK]

The financial services firms graduates want to work for in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden

It’s no secret that financial services has suffered some reputational damage in recent years, but has this put off the new crop of graduates from a career in the sector? [Denmark]

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