Around the World: A Comparison of Banking Title Salaries in London and Hong Kong

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This is how much you can earn in salary as a hedge fund trader, a product controller, a private banker, a corporate financier and a market risk manager – in London and in Hong Kong

In theory, you can earn massive salaries in London these days. Now that the FSA and the European Union have put strict control on bonuses and banks have responded by increasing salaries, fixed compensation in the City is theoretically far higher than elsewhere. In particular, it is reputed to be far higher than in Asia where bonus restrictions don't exist. [UK]

Bankers in Asia have turned down interviews at scandal-plagued British banks

Some candidates in Asia are thinking twice before interviewing at the three banks hit by recent scandals: Barclays, HSBC and Standard Chartered. But retention at these firms remains largely unaffected. [Singapore]

Remember, Ramadan is a great chance to build up contacts to help in your job search

If you’ve managed to secure an invitation to a prominent iftar or suhour during this Ramadan period, the first point to bear in mind is that business should be off the table. However, it’s a great chance to meet some people that could open doors for your career in the near future. [Middle East]

Where will the financial services hiring happen in Ireland once summer’s over?

September is coming up, everyone will be back from their summer break and it will be a good time for looking for a new job. So who do financial services recruiters want to hear from? Well the good news is: there are quite a few areas where they are trying to recruit. [Ireland]

Russian banks are hiring from each other: Troika has poached its new head of international fixed income sales from VTB

Despite the broad array of staff on offer in an international banking market like London, it seems Russian banks prefer to poach from their own kind. [Russia]

The many joys of jobs at multi-family offices in Asia

Multi-family offices in Singapore and Hong Kong are increasingly recruiting private bankers, enticing them with the prospect of more flexibility regarding compensation, geographical coverage, products and management. [Hong Kong]

Proof that it’s easier for women to become non-executive directors of Scottish financial services companies?

At a recent networking event for recent MBAs and for headhunters of non-executive directors, the talk was all of the unfair advantages that women have over men in the quest to become non-executive directors (NEDs). [Scotland]

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