Around the World: The Number of Brokerages in the Middle East is Dwindling

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There could be just 30 brokerages left in the UAE by the end of this year

It’s no secret that the number of brokerages in the UAE has been shrinking as both large and smaller players struggle against a sustained period of low trading volumes. However, the second half of this year could add to the bloodbath. [Middle East]

Market update: Malaysia’s prolific investment banking boom

Investment bankers are thriving in Southeast Asia, particularly in Malaysia. This year, the country boasts two of the three largest IPOs in the world: IHH Healthcare, which raised US$2 billion in a dual listing in both Malaysia and Singapore, and Felda’s Global Ventures, a Malaysian palm oil producer, which raised US$3.3 billion in June. [Hong Kong]

The changing face of Solvency II recruitment

Solvency II has long-provided a large volume of lucrative roles for specialists in the insurance industry. News that its implementation could be delayed should, in theory, keep the gravy train running. But is this really likely? [UK]

Bankers fleeing to the corporate sector because they can’t take the pressure: It’s even happening in China

China’s banking job market has started to become slightly bearish as the credit growth of the big four state-owned banks has declined and the A-share market has performed poorly. This is helping to drive some banking professionals into other parts of the financial industry, or even into the corporate sector, where they stand to enjoy a better work-life balance. [China]

This Irish credit fund is in expansion mode and sees "significant growth opportunities" in Europe

If you’re looking for a credit fund with an Irish office which appears to be hiring, you could always try Avoca Capital Holdings. [Ireland]

There are actually quite a few interesting things happening in life and health insurance

After job cuts and restructures at the likes of ANZ and Suncorp in recent months, sentiment in the new financial year may be slightly less negative – just don’t expect aggressive recruitment. [Australia]

Nordea has cut over 2,000 employees, but staff costs have increased this year

Nordea is shrinking its headcount; it’s eliminating over 2,000 roles and focusing on cost-efficiencies. Yet, its staff costs are still on the up. Why is this? [Denmark]

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