Around the World: Russian banks to expand soon

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Russian banks are tipped to expand going into next year

This week, as a new sense of panic has emerged in the Eurozone, there have been some reassuring sentiments around the effect a more severe crisis would have on Russian banks. There are still some potential dangers, of course. [Russia]

Barclays’ bonuses will be investigated: should you be worried?

Bonus structures at Barclays are to come under increased scrutiny after the appointment of Anthony Salz to lead an investigation into the culture at the bank. Is this something to worry about? [UK]

Why you should be following the moves of senior Middle East bankers going it alone

For most people working in the financial sector, the option of simply quitting your current role and going solo isn’t an option. However, one career option worth pursuing is following prominent financial services professionals in the region who have made such a move. [Middle East]

Never mind the high-profile hires; these are tough times for Asia’s veteran i-bankers

Citi has been rather preoccupied with shopping for senior talent of late. The bank has recruited more than 35 top bankers (read: director level and above) over the past one year, reports FinanceAsia. The most recent of these is Morgan Stanley veteran Willard McLane, who is now head of investment banking in Southeast Asia and the FIG business. [Hong Kong]

Six areas where financial services firms are hiring in Ireland

In a difficult job market, it’s something of a cliché to point to "pockets of recruitment." However, while redundancies are still prevalent in the Irish financial services industry, there are certain jobs and sectors where employers are keen to hire or actively expanding. [Ireland]

Private equity firms and SOEs are set to become the next employers of choice in China

China’s regulators recently allowed state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and international private equity (PE) firms to collaborate on overseas investments. eFinancialCareers talks to Alex Eymieu, partner, CTPartners Hong Kong, about what this could mean for financial professionals. [Singapore]

Guest Comment: Working for a banking rock star will take over your life. But your life will be a lot of fun

Every successful investment bank (and quite a few unsuccessful ones) has in their pay a banking superstar. He or she might be a wildly profitable trader, a rain-making M&A kingpin or a research analyst with a knack for predicting industry trends and market behavior. [Belgium]

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